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Come visit this Sunday @ 10 am at 3302 Johnston St. We look forward to meeting you.

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3302 Johnston St. Lafayette, LA. 70503

New Sermons

God did Not Say, “I Just Want You To Be Happy.”

May 31, 2020 ABC Online “I Didn’t Say That” sermon series #7/7 “I just want you to be happy.”  Not God! John 15:9-11 INTRODUCTION: Many are floored when they hear that God never says that He just wants you to be happy!  God doesn’t want you happy when it causes you to do something wrong and unwise (sinful or dumb) and God doesn’t want you to be happy when it is based on the things of the world! (1 John…

You Asked For It–What CAN We Do?

You asked for it is a weekly video that Pastor Jason does to address a recently asked question or how to respond to a particular issue. This edition is about the response to social justice issues.

Sermon Rewind

Every Monday, Pastor Jason gives a quick recap of the previous Sunday’s message!

God Didn’t Say That! “It Doesn’t Matter What you believe as long as you are sincere!”

May 24, 2020 ABC Online “I Didn’t Say That” sermon series #6/7 “It does NOT matter what you BELIEVE as long as you are SINCERE.”  Not God! Jude 1:3-4 INTRODUCTION: We love offering little nuggets of advice, support, or sympathy. They come in handy when we want people to feel better. But what if the guidance you’re giving or receiving just isn’t true? What if God Never Said That?  Last week, we are looked at the phrase, “It doesn’t matter what…

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